Brands and distributors

At Strato Analytics we help you increase the profits and reduce the costs of new store openings. With us you will discover the best locations with the most potential to grow.

Our solutions will allow you to visualize the dynamics of your business quickly, easily and accurately. How do we do it? By processing data from multiple updated and reliable sources, we carry out contextual analyzes that will allow you to have useful information for your business and thus be able to understand what is happening and that you have tools to decide what to do in order to achieve the objectives.

All the results are represented visually in Report format, in which you will find the main data and indicators of your business, with graphs, metrics and digital cartography, which will allow you to understand all the information in a simple and clear way.

With the solution Biz Starter you will be able to analyze the potential of for opening stores in seconds, and with Market Explorer you will analyze broader markets to identify distribution and marketing opportunities