Local government and entrepreneur support institutions

In order to support the strategy and availability of information of the institutions, we have created the following services:

Census of companies and digitization. They facilitate the preparation of territorial diagnoses from the perspective of commerce, and incorporate real-time data to follow the evolution of the sector in times of change and transformation. It allows to quickly know:

  • The companies that operate in a municipality / district / neighborhood, and even at the level of roads; for any category of commerce and services, discriminated by CNAE and IAE activity code.
  • Its level of digitization and the predominant technologies (Presence in social networks, marketplaces; its own website, languages ​​and technology with which it is developed).
  • Contact details to carry out revitalization campaigns.
  • the information can be explored in detail and includes a dashboard with a summary of the main indicators obtained, as well as their representation on maps for better visualization.
Online market research Biz Starter . They allow to obtain, in moments, the information that the entrepreneur needs to carry out a feasibility analysis and business plan. It includes:
  • Demographic and socioeconomic information of the area of ​influence of the business.
  • Consumption for the selected category.
  • Sector indicators.
  • Analysis of the commercial environment and points of interest in real time.
  • Real-time supply analysis.

Studies can be generated from our web platform and adapted to the needs and operations of your institution.